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Claudia Bordongna

Dr Claudia Bordogna


I am a senior lecturer at the university of Huddersfield. I have worked in higher education for the past eight years both here and in China.  My research interest and passion lies in understanding multicultural learning environments and the influence 

these have on student interactions and engagement. I sit on both the University's Business School and Teaching and Learning Institute Committees. I spend time designing curricula, as well as managing a course and overseeing quality assurance to ensure all students have equal representation and we follow sector wide protocols. I feel honoured to be 

a part of Greenhill's governor team and feel my skills will bring a different perspective to School strategy and development plans. Moreover, I hope to share best practice from other areas of the education sector with the School to spark discussion and debate. I am utterly passionate about education and life-long learning and enjoy working on the School's Teaching and Learning Committee this year.