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School Council 2017/18

During September 2017 a new school council was put together. Candidates were elected by their peers after having been put through a gruelling interview and then having to deliver a presentation to their class, stating why they should be elected and why they considered themselves to be the best person for the job.

Welcome to our new school council for 2017/18


So far the children have been involved with numerous events and activities around the school. During October some of the school council stayed behind a couple of evenings after school in order to help dig up the grass area running parallel to the driveway. This area is being developed into a sensory garden and will become one of the main activities and hopefully achievements of the new school council.

November saw the children working together for the first time as a group. They took part in the ‘Take over week’ where children across the school were invited to take over adult jobs in and around the school. The school council did a fantastic job as they took over the head teacher’s roll and delivered the weekly assembly while parents watched on.

Early December, three members of the school council found themselves taking part in the interviewing process for a new head teacher. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children and allowed them to be positive representatives on behalf of all the children in the school. They really did us proud and I know they enjoyed the experience.

We look forward to 2018 with lots more events being planned already. During the week of 5th February 2018 the school council will be getting involved with ‘Children’s Mental Health week’ where they will help in promoting the importance of ‘Being Ourselves’. Later during the week of 14th May 2018, the school council will be helping to promote the ‘Kind Minds Mission’. More information about these events will be available at a later date.

We look forward to keeping you updated in the future and would like to wish you all a happy new year.