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Self and Peer Marking - persuasive text

Can I persuade a customer to visit Rio?


Self and peer assessment.


Tick if you think that you included these elements (parts) to your writing:



I think I did it.

My partner thinks I did it.





I wrote my LO with the question mark?



My handwriting is clear and easy to read.



I have spelt most/ all words from the HFW list correctly.



I have tried to include an attempt at my last writing target (circled from the last piece of writing).



Specific to this piece of writing

I started with a simple plan of my ideas.



My introduction is a QFR paragraph.



I have clear topic sentences for each paragraph.



I have supporting middle sentences (expanding, giving examples, going into more detail).



I have used the concluding sentence stems such as ‘In short…/ To summarise…’.



I have a clear concluding paragraph that answers my opening rhetorical question.



Something I am proud of:






Something I need to work on:




Mr. Goldon, Tuesday 8th January 2019