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This week I thought we could recap my favourite - algebra! 


Challenge 1: Through the Window


* Tip *  To get yourselves started, think about what is the same and what is different between the windows... 

Are there any windows that use the same amount of glass?  How do their frame lengths differ?
Are there any windows that use the same amount of frame?  How do their glass areas differ?


The solution can be found here -


Challenge 2: Price match


Key questions - 

Can you use the windows in the picture as a starting point?
What size window will you try next?  
How will you remember what you have found out so far?


Challenge 3: Shape Puzzles

Have a go at playing tat solving the puzzles below, think carefully about your order of operations if you try the tricky challenge! When you are done, have a go at designing your own puzzle to solve using different shapes or images. Give it to a grownup at home and see if they can solve it, or email it to use and I will put them on the website for your classmates to solve.....

Tricky Challenge!