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Welcome to the Year 3 Computing page. You will find lots of ideas here on how to use the many apps and web-pages out in the wide world of the internet that will introduce children to coding and programming, using digital media and very importantly how to stay safe on the web. A mix of operating systems are included (windows, iPad, Android tablet) but we cannot guarantee that all apps will work on the equipment you have at home.

Art and Design KS2 | Stop-motion animation | BBC Teach

Presenter Naomi Wilkinson visits an animation studio and shows us how to create our own stop-motion animation. When we enjoy animations, we might not always consider the work that has gone into creating the piece. Animators use drawings, 3D models and everyday objects in their creations and stop-motion is an extremely accessible form of animation, for animators of all abilities and ages.

We will be making our own stop frame animations!

What Is Stop Motion Animation and How Does It Work? | Mashable Explains