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David Hooley

The school has been a fantastic experience for my own children and they have blossomed during their time here, I hope to help that continue for everyone’s children as best I can.


Academic performance, social skills, personality and physical development are inherent in Greenhill’s focus for our children; I will support the teaching staff in this continued programme to enrich and develop each of our children’s experience at the school.


Working within the field of Architecture for over 12 years I have a thorough and detailed understanding of how formative our immediate environment is. How our surroundings can greatly influence our personality, our ability to learn and develop as well as our general well-being. I have specialist experience working within the sport & leisure sector, where children, young adults and families are the core users of the intended facilities we provide.


The general health and wellbeing of our children alongside their academic development is something I care deeply about, and I aim to encourage and support the varied and holistic activities our school has to offer.