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This week we're going to recap decimals....


Challenge 1: Scavenger hunt - how many different decimal numbers can you find around the house, outside or out-and-about on your daily exercise. Write down or take a picture of all the ones you manage to find.


Can you then order these numbers from the smallest to the biggest!? 

Can you convert any of your decimal numbers to fractions?


Challenge 2: Below is a section of Mr Watkins' shopping list for the week. Can you go to to find out the cost of each item, and then work out the total cost for each group of items?


5x Tesco Active Vanilla Caramel Crunch Protein Bar 60G

2 x Tesco 9 Crumpets

3 x Arla Protein Blueberry 200G

4 x Tesco Diet Cloudy Lemonade 4X330ml

2 x Tesco Jelly Babies 250G

3 x Peperami Mini Original 10X10g


What is the total cost of all these items?

If Mr Watkins shared the cost of the shopping equally with his wife, how much would they each pay?  


Challenge 3: Create a poster to show the all the key decimal-fraction equivalents that you need to remember e.g. 1/2 = 0.5. Can you use images to prove that they are equal?


Email your work to us, we'd love to take a look...