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Today I thought we could recap fraction, decimals and percentages - focusing on equivalence, conversions and calculating with all three...


Challenge 1: Have a look at the images below...

Can you create your own 'fortune teller' to help you remember FDP equivalence facts. Try and include facts that you find tricky to remember! 



Challenge 2: Have a look out of your window or from your garden...

Count the next twenty cars that go past, take a tally of the colour of each car. Can you record your data using a mixture of fractions, decimals and percentage e.g. 2/5 red cars, 30% black cars, 0.1 grey cars and 2/10 white cars.

Present your data in any way you chart, pictogram, pie chart.

Could you think of a more interesting data collection task you could do from your home!? e.g. different species of birds/insects you find in the garden. We would love to see what you can come up with?


Challenge 3: Baking Challenge!!

The total weight of all the ingredients for this cookie recipe is 700g. Can you work out the quantity of each ingredient below - 

  • 32% butter
  • 2/5 Plain flour
  • 0.01 Cinnamon (or any other spice you would like to use)
  • 15% Caster sugar
  • 6/50 Chocolate chips

The best way to see if you have got your quantities correct is to have a go at baking the cookies and see what they taste like! The baking instructions for this recipe are in the file below


We would love to see any of your completed challenges, email us your pics to the usual place....