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Inverted Commas

Inverted Commas

This week we are going to revisit how to use inverted commas correctly.

Inverted commas, also known as quotation marks, are used to punctuate direct speech. Inverted commas are used at the start and end of speech to show that someone is speaking. 

Have a look at the different links and work through the questions if you can...

Punctuation: Introduction to speech marks (KS2)

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BBC Bitesize have released a set of videos and activities focusing on inverted commas, check out the link below!

Inverted Commas Challenge!

1) Punctuate live speech

Watch a section of a TV show and write down everything which the characters say, then use inverted commas and reported clauses to punctuate the conversation. Or, listen to people talking in your house (only if they let you - don't be sneaky!) and punctuate what they are saying. 


2) Show your understanding of how to punctuate direct speech

Create a poster, a Powerpoint presentation or even a board game to show your understanding of all the elements involved in punctuating speech correctly.


We would love to see your understanding of how to punctuate speech correctly - you can email them to so we can take a look and upload some to the website!