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Jane Johnson

As a child, I attended Greenhill Primary School so my links with the school extend over a long period of time. My own son attended Greenhill as a pupil and now has his own business in China. As an adult, I worked as a Training Office for the civil service before commencing work at Greenhill where I have spent the last twenty-four years. Throughout that period I fulfilled a range of roles from teaching assistant, phase leader for upper key stage 2 to acting assistant head.

I have only recently become a governor, having taken partial retirement, but as a governor I am driven by the same ethos that drove me throughout my teaching career – ‘If it isn’t good enough for my child, then it isn’t good enough for yours.’ I am passionate that every child should reach their full potential and leave school as an independent and resilient learner with a thirst for knowledge and as a governor my aim is to support the school, whilst still challenging it, as we move forward together.

Outside of school my interests include: reading (I have to read every day), swimming, photography and travel but most important of all, time spent with family and friends.