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Karen Bryant

Karen Bryant


I have been a part of Greenhill for 13 years. Two of my children have grown and left but my youngest is in Key Stage 1. They have performed well in the school and we think it’s great here. I have volunteered for the past two years, working with nursery and reception classes. I’ve baked, played, supervised on trips, helped with reading and sharpened many pencils! The children respond well to me and I’m happy to be a part of their education in a small way.


My previous jobs have been Senior Household Insurance Underwriter and Household Claims Department Manager for the Halifax, dealing with technical matters, fraud, data analysis, managing a large team, producing management information in various forms, coaching and recruiting staff. I’ve worked for the Post Office behind the counter, paying bills, passport checking, issuing pensions, car tax etc. This job involved handling large sums of money and a high level of attention to detail. I then managed a bathroom showroom, doing sales, admin, accounting and dealing with suppliers. I now run my own cake decorating business which allows me to work around my family and continue with voluntary work. I was a Cub Scout Leader for two years, teaching the cubs about many things and life skills for their badges. We visited places, did activities, camped, fundraising, took part in parades and helped the community.


My experiences in work and my spare time revolve around my interpersonal skills, I am able to communicate with anyone on any level in an appropriate manner, either in person, verbally or in written form. I have strong computer skills, enjoy analysing situations or data – looking for patterns and finding solutions. I am confident and able to express my opinion and views in a calm manner. I have a high level of literacy and numeracy which helps in this role.


I enjoy being involved with helping the school and the future of its children.