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Please find below some great maths websites that your children can access while at home. We have usernames and passwords for TTRockstars and Sumdog. Please e-mail if you have forgotten your user and we'll send it right though! - amazing times tables practice. Try Numbots as well if you want to improve your number bonds and other mental maths skills. - a great site for practising all those maths skills that we cover at Greenhill.  - Skills and how to videos that cover the maths curriculum in Year 3. 

Reading Pictograms - Corbettmaths

A video that shows how to interpret pictograms.

Year 3 - Column Graphs

Pounds and Pence (part 3 of 4): What is money worth?

Pounds and Pence (part 2 of 4): What can you do with money?

Pounds and Pence (part 1 of 4): What is money and how does it work?

Division with regrouping (exchanging)

Division Using Place Value Counters

Multiplying Using Expanded Form

It might sound complicated, but as you get used to using your times tables, it becomes easier.

Year 3 Multiplication (Expanded Method) TO x O