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Oak National Academy 

This week, the Oak National Academy are continuing to focus on coordinates and are also introducing some work on shape - 3D shapes ans circles. We have covered some of this, however some content will also be new learning. Click the links below if you would like to have a go at working through these lessons...

Picture 1

Problem Solving

For our final week before half term, I thought we could focus on different problem solving techniques and apply what we have learnt so far in different contexts...


Challenge 1: Reasoning and justification 

The solution can be found here -

Challenge 2: Visualising  


The solution can be found here -

Challenge 3: Conjecturing 

The solution can be found here -




Education City

We have assigned some additional tasks that can be completed using Education City ( on computer or tablet. If you would like to access this website, email us and we will send you your login details. 

Practice Papers

If you are looking for revision based resources or if you would like work through some past papers then use the links below.