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This week I thought we could recap converting measures....


Challenge 1: Have a look at the knowledge organisers below, can you create your own to help you with challenge 2? Are there any other conversions facts you could find out and include on your posters? 


Challenge 2: Scavenger Hunt - 

Can you find the following items around your house...

  • A tin of beans
  • A carton/bottle of milk
  • A tube of toothpaste
  • A frozen chip - the longest you can find!
  • A teabag
  • A board game
  • A pack of playing cards
  • A ruler or tape measure
  • Some kitchen scales


Now, using your knowledge organiser and the items you have found, can you answer the following questions...

1. What time is it now (when you started the questions)?

2. What do you beans weigh in pounds?

3. How many gallons does your carton/bottle of milk hold?

4. How many litres of toothpaste did you tube contain when full? How long is your tube of toothpaste now - in metres?

5. Measure your chip in convert this into inches?

6. Using your scales, what is the weight of the teabag in grams? If 1g is approximately 0.035oz, what would 10 teabags weigh in ounces?

7. What is the length of the board in your board km!? Could you convert this into miles?

8. What is the area of one playing inches squared?

9. What is the weight of the whole pack of kg? in tonnes

10. What time is it now (when you finished the questions)? How many seconds did it take you to complete all these questions? 


Challenge 3 - Next time you are out for your daily walk/exercise. Walk past you local petrol station and take a note of the cost of unleaded petrol and diesel (per litre)...


If my car hold 9 gallons of unleaded petrol, how much would it cost to fill the tank at your local petrol station?


If the school mini bus holds 15 gallons of diesel, how much would it cost to fill the tank at your local petrol station? 


Challenge 4: 

Measure and record your height, weight and age...

Can you write each measurement in 5 different ways!?