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Modal Verbs

Modal Verbs

This week we are going to revisit and focus on recognising modal verbs.  

Have a look at the different links and work through the questions if you can...

Modal Verbs Song - Rockin' English

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To understand and use modal verbs

BBC Bitesize have released a set of videos and activities focusing on modal verbs, check out the link below!

Modal Verb Challenge!

Modal verbs are a type of auxiliary (helping) verb that is used to express: ability, possibility, permission or obligation. Can you explain your understanding of modal verbs and present it in a fun and exciting way? You could create a TV advertisement and film yourself trying to get as many modal verbs as possible into your advert. Or you could interview a member of your family and ask questions which include different modal verbs. Use the video examples to help you. We would love to see your understanding - email them to so we can take a look and upload some to the website!