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News & Special Mentions

🤝👍🙌🎓⭐️Cael is working hard on his handwriting. ⭐️🎓🙌👍🤝

Practice makes perfect. 🏅
That deserves a certificate. 🥇

Anyone for tennis? Okay, okay, it’s ping pong! Chloe’s week.

Entering a competition.
Did the boomerang come back?
Low beam work.
Preparation for....
...this! ⭐️
Kite flying.
How is Chloe helping the environment?

⭐️⭐️🥚Chloe’s EGGcellent investigation...🥚⭐️⭐️

The write up...
Parachute 1.
Parachute 2.
Will the egg crack up or is it safe?
What’s your prediction here?
Away it goes...
The results!
Mid air action...

Busy bee, Chloe!

Chloe's week in pictures...

Tyler’s got dinner sorted!

Professor Katie and RSPCA Officer Katie. 🙂

What’s professor Katie making?
Katie phoned the RSPCA to rescue this fledgling.

Chloe's high bar work and crystal making.

Cael’s also been working hard on his handwriting. Mr. Goldon is VERY pleased. 🙂

Neat and Tidy. Tidy and Neat. We are SO proud! 👏

⭐️🚲Cael has not only learned to ride his bike, but he’s travelled all of the way to Leeds station. 🚲⭐️

What a superstar!

Oliver’s Mary Seacole scene. Keep up the creativity! ⭐️

Chloe’s Mary Seacole work.

Chloe has worked hard and had some amazing lock-down adventures!

Farwa did some great work on Mary Seacole.

Leon’s imaginary island maps - with wild dog!

Chloe imagined an island and built her own tent!

Tyler helped catch 83 fish today. Maybe he will sell them to Iceland and become rich, rich, RICH!

He started small.
Then got bigger.
 My cats would love this!

Charlotte has been busy making her robot and drawing her map of an imaginary place.

Could inventor Charlotte be the new James Dyson?
Or maybe map an undiscovered island?

Chloe designed a sofa!

The sofa!
A comfortably seated penguin!
Outside football
Up a tree!
Hang time!

Lexie researched Jaguars!

Great work Lexie!

Katie’s been busy again! Baking cakes, posting letters and bicycling.

Oliver’s ‘Hawthorn Island’.

Look how he has used a key for the features. ⭐️

Katie's moved on in Lexia - and here's her certificate to celebrate.

Tyler’s been a bit arty this week...

Colourful names. Could anyone else do this?
Tyler’s room with a view.

Summer - Chloe's week!

Chloe gets a Rock Star certificate!
Finding the Landmarks of Leeds
A great pig - made from junk!
Gymnastic workout!

Advertising executive Atharva says 'Do you want to buy a fantastic new bag?'

Still image for this video

Atharva, the palaeontologist (expert on fossils) found this in his back yard!

Still image for this video

Atharva has been working very hard on these!

Open the door, get on the floor, Oliver’s made a dinosaur!

Summer Week 2

Katie’s week in pictures.


Summer Week 2 - Chloe has produced some fantastic work!!

Loads of great work this week on making your own inventions! Well done everybody!

Year 3's Amazing Inventions!

Well done to children already Rockin' their times tables on TTrockstars. Certificates are below! Keep on Rockin'!

Times Table Rockers!