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November/ December 2020

Autumn 2, 2020. Newsletter.

Year 3 Newsletter 


Autumn Term 2.

It was lovely to see so many of you at Parents’ Evening. If you haven’t managed to speak to us either in person or by phone/ email, please use the Y3 email address to get in touch. We will try to get in touch with you to update you on how your child has settled in.

Reading records – the new Home School Diary

You will no doubt have seen that your child has been given a new reading record. It would really help if you kept this up to date by signing and writing down any comments relating to how they are doing with their reading. There’s also space to note down any tricky words that we can then address in class.

In the middle of the reading record are some top tips for helping your child read at home. It also has a handy list of the words the children are expected to be able to spell in Year 3 and 4.

Please write any messages to teachers via email, rather than on the diaries, as we will see these daily.

Year 3’s website page on

As we move on to different topics in each subject, we add relevant links and videos to the page. For instance, have a go at the UK cities game on the Geography page, or look at the Maths videos to recap on addition and subtraction.


Our main class reader book is ‘Fox’, written by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks. There’s a great video of the story on the Reading section of the Y3 English page. We will use it, and some of Aesop’s fables to write our own fables. There’s a link to a website full of Aesop’s fables on the Y3 reading page too. We will also be writing an information text on Foxes. Could you encourage your child to find out as many facts about different types of fox and what they are like at home?


The spellings are uploaded onto the Year 3 webpage by each Friday, so they have the weekend and rest of the week before doing their next test on a Friday.

We have added the ‘week commencing’ date to make it easier for everyone to see which week we are doing. As you will be aware, we also send them home through the Marvelous Me messages, too.  


Times Tables

Children should know these timestables by the end of year 3:

1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 8s, 10s.

There are songs that the children can sing to help them remember these. Have a look at the Year 3 webpage and select ‘Timetables’.

We have been chanting up in 2s, 5s and 10s so far, but will soon move on to 3s and 4s. Could you practise going from 0 x 3 to 12 x 3 at home? Try the same for 4s when your child is confident at the 3s.



P.E. will be on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS. Remember to bring a named PE kit

️ Shorts

️ House colour t-shirt (red, yellow, blue or green)

  Pumps or trainers


No jewellery should be worn and long hair must be tied back for safety reasons.

PE bags are kept in school and are only be taken home at the end of each half term for a wash.






This half term we will be covering the following:



Writing – Writing a short fable, and writing an information piece on Foxes. We have also written World War One poetry for Remembrance Day.

Reading - Reading stories, fables and information (non-fiction) texts. We also use our Reading Skills lessons to get better at comprehension and reading aloud. It is impressive to see so many children wanting to read with more expression! A tip we have given them is to practise with their teddies in front of the mirror!


Maths:  Completing our work on Addition and Subtraction of 3 digit numbers, e.g. 345 – 168, or 258 + 456.

We will then move on to multiplying and dividing.


Science: Humans and other animals – looking at nutrition, bones and muscles.


Geography: The United Kingdom – We continue to identify and name parts of the UK, including rivers and cities. Check out the Geography section of the website to practise at home.


If you have any questions, please email


Thanks for your continuing support.


Mr. Goldon, Hawthorn Class Teacher

Mr. Haddock, Maple Class Teacher


Reading: Retrieval questions.

These are a type of question where you can find the answer by looking for the key words in the text.


  • Find one word that means ………………..
  • Which word most closely matches the meaning of the word ………………..?
  • How can you tell that ………………..?
  • Find one word that shows that ………………..
  • Tell me what has happened in less than 10 words.
  • Find one word from page ….. that tells you ………………..
  • What does ……………….. mean?
  • What does the word ……………….. tell you about ………………..?
  • Give me the order that it happened.
  • Find two different words from this sentence that show ………………..
  • Find one word which shows you ………………..
  • Tell me three things you are told about ………………..
  • Which of these drawings shows ………………..?
  • What did you find out at this part of the story?
  • True or false? ………………. did …………….. .

Explain how you know.