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Passive and Active Verbs

Passive and Active Verbs

This week we are going to revisit and focus on recognising passive and active verbs.  

Have a look at the different links and work through the questions if you can...

The Active and Passive Voice

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To identify and use passive and active verbs

BBC Bitesize have released a set of videos and activities focusing on passive and active verbs, check out the link below!

Passive and Active Verb Challenge!

Passive and active verbs are used to determine who/what performs the action, or if the subject is acted on by the verb (receives the action). Can you explain your understanding of each type and present it in a fun and exciting way? You can create your own poster or Powerpoint presentation that explains both passive and active sentences. Use the video examples to help you. We would love to see your understanding - email them to so we can take a look and upload some to the website!