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Today I thought we could recap percentages....


Challenge 1: Next time your parent or carer goes shopping, ask them to keep the receipt....

  • If there was 10% at the shop, can you calculate the cost of some or all your items?
  • What if there was 25% off, would would the cost of each item be!?


Challenge 2: Have a look out of your window or from your garden...

Count the next twenty cars that go past, take a tally of the colour of each car. Can you calculate the % of each colour you see? (Remember 1 car = 1/ would you convert this into a %?). Present your data in any way you chart, pictogram, pie chart.

Could you think of a more interesting data collection task you could do from your home!? e.g. different species of birds/insects you find in the garden. We would love to see what you can come up with?


Challenge 3: Can you create a presentation, poster or set of instructions that explains how to calculate the percentage of any amount? 


We would love to see any of your completed challenges, email us a pic to the usual place....