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This week we are going to revisit prepositions and how to use them correctly in writing. 

A preposition is a word that tells you where or when something is in relation to something else. 

Have a look at the different links and work through the questions if you can...

BBC Bitesize have released a set of videos and activities focusing on prepositions, check out the link below!

Prepositions Challenge!

1) How Many Places Challenge

Take an object and see how many places can you find in your house or garden where you can put the object to represent a preposition. For example; under your bed. Count as many different places as possible and record them in some way.


2) Show your understanding of what prepositions are and how to use them

Create a poster, a Powerpoint presentation or even film yourself to show your understanding of what a preposition is and how they are used. Be as creative as possible! 


We would love to see your understanding of prepositions - you can email them to so we can take a look and upload some to the website!