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The Iron Man - Chapter 1 by Ted Hughes

We are reading this in class. Have a listen at home.

The Watch with Michael Rosen

Reading Tips.

Reading questions.

These are the sorts of questions we ask you in the Reading Skills lessons.

Can you make your own questions up for the book you are reading at home?


What do the words mean?

Which word in the text describes what xxx is like? 

What does the word xxx mean in this sentence? 

Find and copy one/two words which describe/means?  

In the sentence the word xxx is closest in meaning to (examples given) 

What does word/phrase mean? 


Retrieval Skills

What, Who, Where, When, Why?, How much/many? 

Using information from the text, decide if the following statements are true or false? 



Number the sentences below from 1 to 4 to show the order they happen in the story 

What happened before or after something?......... 

What happens first in the story? 


Inference Skills

Find a word that shows that………………. 

How do you think someone is feeling/felt at a point in the story?   Why did he feel that way? 

Why did something happen? 

Why did someone do something? 

Why did someone think something? 

Why did someone describe something as ………………..? 

How do you know that xxx was …………….? 

How did xxx feel when …something happened? 

Using info from the text, tick one box in each row to show whether each statement is a fact or an opinion 

Why did…..something happen? Why did…someone do something? 


Predicting what might happen.

How do you think this story will develop? 

What do you think will happen next?  Why do you think that/What are the clues? 


How is the text presented?

How does the title encourage you to read on? 

In what ways do the illustrations support the text? 


Looking for meanings.

What does the word x tell you about y? 

What effect has the author created by writing a particular line this way?  The writer uses words like xxx. How does this make you feel? 


Comparing texts.

Which text is better and why? Describe different character’s reactions to the same event 

Why has information been organised differently in different parts of the text? 

What is similar/different about two characters?