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Reading comprehension

Jazz Harper: Chapter 1 Questions

1) How does life in the story compare with life today? Can you see any similarities or differences?

2) Where does Gran live?
3) What impression do you get about Jazz’s relationship with her mum and her gran?

4) How fast will Jazz be travelling through space?

5) What was Jazz playing on the tram?
6) “Gran lives in one of those old-fashioned retirement villages from the 2020s: all glass and steel and curving walls.” Why do you think Jazz called this ‘old-fashioned’?
7) What do we learn about Gran’s character in this diary extract?
8) How do you think Jazz felt at the end of her visit to Gran’s? Why?

Equipment List

1)How many pairs of exercise shoes should be packed?
2)Why should clothes be treated with antimicrobial solution?
3)Why do clothes not need to be changed as often on the spacecraft?
4)Why do you think the author has used capital letters to say ‘NO’ on the banned list?
5)Name one item that should not be taken on the spacecraft.

Article from The Morning Universe

1)What sort of text is this? How do you know?
2)Where is the Argo going?
3)How long will the journey to Mars take?
4)Where did the Argo launch from?
5)How many people are currently living on the Marineris colony?
6)Why is the Argo described as being the ‘last taste of luxury they’ll get’?
7)What does the author mean when describing the tests as ‘rigorous’?
8)Who is Leona Venturis?