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Relative Clauses

Relative Clauses

This week we are going to revisit how to use relative clauses. 

A relative clause describes or modifies a noun. Relative clauses add information to sentences by using a relative pronoun such as who, that or which. The relative clause is used to add information about the noun, so it must be 'related' to the noun.  

Have a look at the different links and work through the questions if you can...

Relative Pronouns Song - Learn Grammar - Learning Upgrade App

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BBC Bitesize have released a set of videos and activities focusing on relative clauses, check out the link below!


Relative Clause Challenge!

Create your own board game or fortune teller (there is a blank template below). Your task is to include as many relative pronoun words as possible into the game. When you land on one, use it correctly in a sentence to introduce a relative clause. 


We would love to see your understanding of how to use relative clauses correctly - you can email them to so we can take a look and upload some to the website!