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Rocks, Soils and Fossils

Knowledge Organiser - Rocks and Soils

Rocks - Year 3

A short topic summary of rocks for year 3 KS2 science.

ROCKS - Formation, Classification and Uses

Classifying rocks.

How do dinosaur fossils form? | Natural History Museum

Watch our animation to find out how fossils form and why dinosaur fossils are rare compared to those of marine animals.

The life and work of Mary Anning (dramatisation) | History - True Stories

Mary Anning tells the story of her life and shows us how she found fossils that changed scientific thinking worldwide.

How Is Soil Formed? | Class 7 - Geography | Learn With BYJU'S

Soil is a mixture of organic matter, minerals, gases, liquids, and organisms that is formed on the earth's surface. Soil is produced from rocks (parent material) through the processes of weathering and natural erosion. Factors like Water, wind, temperature change, gravity and many such factors help in the formation of soil.

Layers Of Soil - The Dr. Binocs Show