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We have been learning about senses this year, and what part of the body is associated with each sense. This video recaps the five different senses. 


Once you've watched the video, you could complete these activities: 


- Can you draw a picture of your favourite foods to eat? What do they taste like, are they sweet, bitter, salty or sour? Can you create a menu of salty foods?


- Sit for a minute with your eyes closed, what sounds do you hear? Can you describe the sounds to someone else?


- Look around your house. How many things can you see that are red, blue, yellow, green, pink or purple? You could complete an observational drawing of one of the objects. 


- Can you draw a picture of your favourite scents and where you would find them?

The Five Senses

You could complete this experiment at home. Talk with your child about what you observed and why they think this happened. Is there anything we could change as part of the experiment to test this? 

Can Sound Move Objects?

Earlier this year the children learnt to name different materials and talk about the properties of different materials. This video helps to recap this learning. 


Challenge: Can you go on a hunt around your house or outside and name all the different materials you can see! Why do you think certain objects have been made from certain materials? Would it be a good idea to build a house from paper?

Materials Song

We completed this experiment in school last week and the children loved it! Here's the video if you'd like to try it at home, too. 

Germ Experiment

Seasonal Changes 

The Great British Year: Four Seasons

Can you create your own tree to show each of the four seasons? See the example below to help! 
Picture 1

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