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Spring Term

  • Easter/ End of Spring Term holiday. 

    04.04.20 to 19.04.20

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    Spring Term

    Final week

    Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April 2020.

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    Remember that this is just a guide; a way to set out your morning's work.

    If you want to do it in a different way, you certainly can!


    Monday 30th March 2020

    What do the words mean?

    Which word in the text describes what xxx is like? 

    What does the word xxx mean in this sentence? 

    Find and copy one/two words which describe/means?  

    In the sentence the word xxx is closest in meaning to (examples given) 

    What does word/phrase mean? 

    • Maths: Practise adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers. Try these to find your level. Have a look on the Year 3 maths page for more great addition games to practise. Log onto SUMDOG and complete the addition practise.
    • Writing task for the weekpick a picture and write a short story about it – or pick one a day and use adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions (FANBOYS) in your description of it. You could look on Pobble365 for some fantastic pictures and writing ideas to go along with them.


    Tuesday 31st March 2020

    Retrieval Skills

    What, Who, Where, When, Why, How much/many? 

    Using information from the text, decide if the following statements are true or false? 


    Wednesday 1st April March 2020


    Number the sentences below from 1 to 4 to show the order they happen in the story 

    What happened before or after something?......... 

    What happens first in the story? 


    Thursday 2nd April March 2020

    Predicting what might happen.

    How do you think this story will develop? 

    What do you think will happen next?  Why do you think that/What are the clues? 



    Friday 3rd April March 2020