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Finding out about the world

Keep children up to date with what is going on in the world around them - creating opportunities to talk about the news with your children.

Children's University has a range of links to different websites.


In science we have been learning all about plants this half term.


BBC Bitesize has videos and information about plants.



A song about the parts of a plant and their functions

Can you draw a picture of a plant and label the parts?

As we are sadly no longer going to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, here are some links so that your children can watch animals live at the zoo and aquariums around the world. 


Can you find out more about these animals?

Can you write about what you see or find out?

Please share with us at

Click on the Zoo names to go straight to their websites.


 Watch the pandas live at.... Edinburgh Zoo or Atlanta Zoo


 Also check out Chester ZooMelbourne Zoo and San Diego Zoo


Cincinnati Zoo is live everyday at 3pm. They will show a different animal each day and provide an activity for children to do. 


Shedd Aquarium in Chigago and Georgia Aquarium are showing live footage and videos of their sea creatures. 

You can also observe different animals in their natural habitats through these 360 videos.

If you are viewing on a phone or tablet, you can move the device around, to see in 360 degrees.

If you are viewing on a computer or laptop, you can use the mouse to look in 360 degrees.

Wild Dolphins VR / 360° Video Experience

Giraffes in Kenya

E-bug has some fun science experiments for KS1 children including 'horrid hands' teaching your child about how germs spread and 'super sneezes'.


Explorify for Science has lots of fun activities to do at home.


In Geography we have been learning all about the world and maps. 

Seven Continents Song

A song to help kids learn the 7 continents in order from largest to smallest.

360° Antarctica

Five Oceans Song

A song to help kids learn the 5 oceans in order from largest to smallest.


In Art we have been learning about Vincent van Gogh and his beautiful sunflower painting. Have a look on the Tate Gallery website for kids to find out more about him and his famous paintings. Can you create your own sunflower picture? 

Picture 1



We have been using the ScratchJr app at school during our computing lessons.

This app is free to download and enables children to create their own games and animations.

Chatterkid is another app we have been using in class. This app is free to download and enables your child to create their own talking pictures.

Piccollage is a fantastic app. We have used this app a lot in school.
Your child can use this app to create their own posters and comic book strips. 

We use the beebots a lot at school. There is a free beebot app you can download which enables the children to programme the beebot to complete different mazes. 

Daisy the Dinosaur is another free app to download to help your child with computer science.

ABCya! is a free website with lots of interactive learning games to play.

ICT games has a wide range of free interactive learning games.