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School uniform


The school colours are green and grey and we encourage all parents to send their children to school in these colours. This helps to create a Greenhill identity and gives our pupils a sense of belonging. The children do not need to bring any kind of equipment, so no pencil cases are allowed.


Children are expected to wear a combination of the following items:

  • Green sweatshirt/cardigan (with/without the school logo)
  • Green cardigan (with/without the school logo)
  • Green v-neck jumper
  • White or dark green polo shirt
  • Grey or black: trousers or shorts or skirt or skorts or pinafore dress
  • Black leggings or cropped black leggings
  • Black PLAIN joggers (no logos or stripes)
  • Green gingham checked summer dress
  • Black shoes or black trainers (No flip-flops /slides/ crocs/ loose fitting sandals etc, as they are not easy to run around in)


Children with long hair must keep it tied back. We ask that ear-rings are only simple studs that children can remove themselves (they are not allowed to wear them for PE).

Children are not allowed to wear any make-up (including nail varnish) or jewellery. If children wear a watch, they must be responsible for it themselves.


When choosing clothing, please consider these points:

  1. All children need to wear clothes which they can easily remove and put on themselves especially on PE days. This supports independence and significantly reduces changing times.
  2. Please ensure your child’s name is on all articles of clothing, including their PE kit. Every week we have lost items of clothing which no-one claims. Adding a name means it will be reunited with the child.
  3. Jeans are not accepted in school.

Uniform can be ordered direct from My Clothing