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Miss Smithson (Headteacher) Governor

Miss Smithson (Headteacher) Governor 1

Mr Jennings (Deputy Headteacher) Governor

Mr Jennings (Deputy Headteacher) Governor 1

Along with the rest of the governors, I am committed to giving every child the best education that we can. Working with the governors to achieve this is an essential part of our school. 

Mr Lambert Chair of Governors

Mr Lambert Chair of Governors 1

Councillor Ann Forsaith Associate Governor

Councillor Ann Forsaith Associate Governor 1

Mr Johnson Co-opted Governor

Mr Johnson Co-opted Governor 1

Mrs Johnson Co-Opted Governor

Mrs Johnson Co-Opted Governor 1

As a child, I attended Greenhill Primary School so my links with the school extend over a long period of time. My own son attended Greenhill as a pupil and now has his own business in China. As an adult, I worked as a Training Office for the civil service before commencing work at Greenhill where I have spent the last twenty-four years. Throughout that period I fulfilled a range of roles from teaching assistant, phase leader for upper key stage 2 to acting assistant head.

I have only recently become a governor, having taken partial retirement, but as a governor I am driven by the same ethos that drove me throughout my teaching career – ‘If it isn’t good enough for my child, then it isn’t good enough for yours.’ I am passionate that every child should reach their full potential and leave school as an independent and resilient learner with a thirst for knowledge and as a governor my aim is to support the school, whilst still challenging it, as we move forward together.

Outside of school my interests include: reading (I have to read every day), swimming, photography and travel but most important of all, time spent with family and friends.

Mr Sheikh Parent Governor

Mr Sheikh Parent Governor 1

I am delighted to take up my first Governors role at the Greenhill Primary School and currently work as a Project Manager for one the UK's largest bank. As part of my role, I deal with stakeholders of varying levels, manage projects etc. and can adapt my style to suit differing needs. I am able to communicate with varying stakeholders at any level in an appropriate manner. I have strong IT knowledge and enjoy analysing data. I am confident and able to express my opinion and views in a calm manner. I have a high level of literacy and numeracy which helps in this role.

I am passionate about helping young people achieve their potential through education and ensuring youngsters have the best opportunities to succeed whilst growing into responsible and caring individuals. I am really looking forward to working with the children, staff and parents within the school community.

 Just like every other parent at Greenhill Primary School, I want the very best for the children. I want them to be happy, confident and become the very best they can be. Greenhill Primary School is already a great school and just like everyone else, I want it to continue to succeed and improve further. I enjoy and thrive on the challenge that comes with every aspect of school life and I am passionate about high quality education and each and every child reaching their full potential. Nothing but the best is good enough.

Mrs Bryant Parent Governor

Mrs Bryant Parent Governor 1