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Wonde vouchers

The Wonde vouchers for spring half term


The government has agreed to fund free school meals during the spring half term (15th to 19th February 2021), but not through the Edenred website. Instead, school will be using the Wonde system, which you may remember was used at the very start of the first lockdown in March 2020.


From Wednesday the 10th February, any parent or carer of an eligible child will receive and email from Wonde with a link to redeem a £15 voucher per child. If you have not used Wonde before, you will need to complete a short registration page before you can redeem your voucher.


Below are step-by-step instructions on how to access your voucher if needed. This link here has more help too.


We have much more access and control of the Wonde system and can solve most problems directly, so hopefully, there will be fewer difficulties where parents are left trying to get support from Edenred. If you do have problems, please email before we break up on Friday the 19th.



How to redeem your Wonde voucher


Step 1


You will receive a text/email (or both) to say that you have been issued a voucher, please 

'Click to redeem voucher'. 



Step 2


When you click on the link, you will be taken to the following page, please enter either your email address or phone number then press 'continue'.


Step 3


You will then be taken to the following page to create your account. Please enter your details then tick the terms and conditions box before pressing 'continue'.


Step 4


You will then be asked to check your inbox to confirm your email address.



Step 5


Once you have received the email, please press 'confirm email address'.


Step 6


You can now select the retailer you wish to receive a voucher for.


Once selected, scroll down and tick the box to confirm the choice, then press 'confirm'.


Step 7


Once confirmed, Please copy the pin and press 'view voucher'. 

Please note: If you selected Morrisons as your retailer, you will need to wait until we email you when the voucher is ready.  All other retailers give you instant access to your voucher. 


Step 8


If the voucher requires a 'pin' or 'challenge key' - you will need to paste this from the previous page then press 'Go to Digital Gift Card'.


You can now access your voucher and can spend it.