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Writing *New*


Each week we will set a new writing challenge for you to complete at home. You can write it up on paper or even type it out on the computer! Whatever you decide to do, we would love to see...send in  a picture or your document to:

Challenge 1

Write a diary entry to let me know what you have been up to this week!

A diary is a great way to express your own thoughts and feelings in a very personal and informal way at a very strange and unsettling time. I/We would love to hear from you as we have been missing you all so if anyone would be willing to share, then please email your entries! 

Challenge 2

Write a short story about The Lighthouse.

Start by creating/drawing a story mountain - like we do in class. Break the story into 4 parts:opening, build up, dilemma  and ending. 

Could you write some dialogue? What would the telephone conversation be between the lighthouse keeper  asking the villagers to come and help light up the lighthouse? Or, you could write an opening to the story setting the scene.

e.g. Suddenly, the bright lighthouse flickered away to darkness. Astonished, horrified and confused, the villagers froze: they froze with no idea of what had happened.

Have a go! Anything is possible.

Good luck. x