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Attendance at Greenhill

Greenhill Primary School is committed, in partnerships with the parents/carers, pupils, and governors, to building a school which serves the community well. We believe that good attendance at school supports a child in achieving their full potential, as well as having a positive attitude to education and lifelong learning.

Attendance is related to a wide range of other school issues including punctuality, rewards and incentives, reintegration of long-term absentees, curricular differentiation and home-school links. Good attendance at school is a prerequisite for successful education and it is the intention of this policy to achieve and maintain high rates of school attendance at Greenhill Primary School.

Our aim is for every child to achieve at least 96% attendance every academic year.

The Legal Position:

Greenhill use

Working Together To Improve Attendance - from the DfE 

This is helping us improve our attendance in line with current best practice. 

Government advice to parents regarding attendance can be found here:


Greenhill Primary Attendance Policy