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Greenhill Primary School


Communication with parents is one of the most important things we do at Greenhill. We want parents to feel that they are part of their child's journey through Greenhill; from information about trips and events in school, to happenings in your childs class, to contact with teachers about individuals needs and incidents. We want to keep you informed every step of the way. Here are some of the ways we do it:

Parent Teacher Consultations

We have two face to face parent teacher consultations through the year - the first in November and the second during the Spring term. Teachers are available for ad-hoc meetings at your convenience - just get in touch to arrange!

School Reports

We publish a personalised report on your child's year towards the end of the Summer term.

Arbor is our School information system. It keeps all our records secure and allows us to communicate with parents via e-mail and we use this to deliver school-wide messages. Make sure your email address is up to date - contact the school office to check which we are sending to.

We're a ClassDojo school! ClassDojo allows you to see exactly what your child is doing through the day. Dojo points help manage behaviour at Greenhill. Teachers can send parents photos of what is happening in class and can communicate with you directly about your child. 

Follow our Instagram feed for up to date happenings in Greenhill's classrooms and on residential. We use our Instagram feed to celebrate the amazing things our children do.

Our Facebook Page  - is used for important messages and announcements - most communication that goes out on Arbor is also on our Facebook page.