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Greenhill Primary School


At Greenhill, we aim to provide children with a high quality maths education that provides children with the fundamental mathematical skills required to succeed with the next steps in their learning and in everyday life. We want all children to be able to see mathematics as an interconnected subject and appreciate its value in society.

In Early Years, we aim to create an environment which immerses our children in maths and provides them with the opportunity to explore and engage their interests within the mathematical provision we provide. 

Our curriculum is designed to allow children to build upon prior learning and develop their understanding of mathematical concepts.  We provide the opportunity for children to revisit curriculum content regularly throughout the year using our spiral curriculum. This gives them the chance to activate their prior learning and embed it as knowledge.  Through our lessons, children will build fluency, reason mathematically and solve problems.  

When leaving Greenhill, children are equipped to apply their mathematical knowledge to succeed on their next steps on their journey.