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Greenhill Primary School

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1    

Our youngest Key Stage 1 classes are named after the graceful willow and the sturdy Elm, both amazing native British trees.

Elm Class

 The English Elm was introduced to our countryside by our Bronze Age ancestors. It was a common sight, but now appears only in hedgerows. It has long been associated with melancholy, most likely because it can drop dead branches without warning. 

Elm Class are taught by Mrs Fitzpatrick and supported by Miss Poole

Willow Class

Greehill is home to a huge Osier Willow. They have long, flexible twigs that are fantastic for basket weaving. It is usually found near streams and rivers and was introduced into Britain in Ancient times. 

Willow Class are taught by Miss Hitchen and supported by Miss Lacey.

The HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assisstant) in Year 1 is Mrs Law