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The relationships we have with parents and carers are among the most important to us here at Greenhill. Key to maintaining these good relations is resolving concerns and complaints to the satisfaction of all our stakeholders. The introduction to our complaint resolution policy puts good relations at its heart:

1. This policy statement sets out the school’s approach to dealing with parental concerns and complaints. Further details of how we handle them are contained in our procedures document, Procedures for dealing with complaints, which is appended to this document.

2. We value good home/school relations and will, therefore, do everything we can to establish and maintain them. This includes seeking to resolve any concerns or complaints promptly, and to the satisfaction of all concerned.

3. We welcome feedback on what parents feel we do well, or not so well, as a school. We will consider carefully all feedback, whether positive or negative, and will review our policies and practices accordingly.

4. We will treat all concerns and complaints seriously and courteously and will advise parents and others of the school’s procedures for dealing with their concerns. In return, we expect parents and other complainants to behave respectfully towards all members of the school community. In particular, any disagreement with the school should not be expressed inappropriately or in front of pupils.

5. All school staff and members of the governing body, will receive a copy of this policy statement and will be familiar with the school’s procedures for dealing with parental concerns and complaints, to which they will have access as required. The policy is available on request to parents; it is also available on our school website.

6. The school’s procedures will be reviewed regularly and updated as necessary.

7. Staff and governors will receive training in handling parental concerns and complaints as appropriate. This may be on an individual basis, or as a group activity for all staff, or for specific groups, such as the office staff or members of the governing body.

8. Whilst we will seek to resolve concerns and complaints to the satisfaction of all parties, it may not be possible to achieve this in every case. We will, therefore, use our option to close a complaint before all the stages of the school’s procedures have been exhausted, if this appears to be appropriate.

9. The government and the Local Authority (LA) advocate resolution of parental concerns and complaints at school level wherever possible, in the interests of maintaining good home/school relations. The role of the LA in advising parents and schools on the handling of concerns and complaints is set out in the school’s procedures.

To download the Greenhill Complaints Policy

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