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Greenhill Primary School

How does Greenhill ensure the right support for children with social and emotional special needs?

When a child is experiencing wellbeing, social or mental health issues it can be very difficult not only for the child but also for those who care for them. The Greenhill adults' relationships with and knowledge of the children and their families are key to successful support. 

Our teachers and other adults use a range of support within class such as bespoke PSHE lessons, small group work, individual support, and being available to listen to help a child cope with and address their concerns. For children who need more, we have specially trained staff who can support through a range of interventions such as nurture groups, check-ins, 1:1 time, meet-and-greets or specialised interventions. For more complex or serious issues, our Cluster team have a range of trained counsellors and therapists who can give intensive, tailored interventions such as bereavement counselling, play therapy and art therapy. 

In all cases where there is a mental health or wellbeing concern, school works closely with parents/carers to find the most appropriate support. If you have any concerns about your child, talk to their class teacher or our Pupil and Family Support Officer. If your child's need is urgent and their safety is in immediate danger, contact your GP or A&E department.